Sage CRM enables your marketing teams to plan, execute, and measure the success of every marketing campaign. It becomes much easier to get the right messages to the right people at the right time, eliminating guesswork and making the best use of your marketing resources. With Sage CRM, your teams can easily roll out automated marketing campaigns, putting marketing resources to their best use. The success of these campaigns can be tracked in real time, at any stage from the initial lead to the close.

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2. Provide Better Customer Service

1. Targeted, Measurable Marketing with Sage CRM

Modern Technology. Old Fashioned Service.

For a successful customer centric business, winning a new customer is only the beginning of what can be a long and profitable relationship. But keeping customers happy means ensuring they get what they want, when they want it. From defining processes to tracking cases and solutions, you can resolve customer issues effortlessly. Sage CRM is designed to help you manage and resolve customer inquiries and issues efficiently and effectively, by accessing real-time customer information when you need it. Your customer service staff gains full access to every customer communication, so you can make every interaction informative and effective.

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3. Concentrated Sales Management

Sage CRM directs your sales efforts toward the most profitable, most winnable deals and helps you make the most of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. With instant access to pipelines, calendars, sales reports, contacts, and much more, your salespeople are freed up to focus all their efforts on selling. Using Sage CRM, you can track leads from lead capture to close. This ensures that time and resources are invested into the deals that are most likely to close. It also enables the sales team to easily identify and recruit new customers and resell or upsell to existing accounts.

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A customer relationship management (CRM) solution holds an impressive amount of information and functionality. And the most critical component to building a relationship with your customer's is creating a deep level of customer insights about each customer’s preferences, and how he or she likes to do business. Having this insight as well as being able to respond in a relevant way builds a customer’s trust and loyalty.



3 Reasons Every Business Needs a Customer Relationship Management Solution: