We're not out to change the world. Just the way you think about technology. 


A common misconception is that storing information on-premises is more secure than storing data in the cloud. Microsoft spends more than $1 billion every year on upgrades and security of the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. 

Is your Sage data more secure, or less secure with Sage Partner Cloud?

The Sage Partner Cloud has your back (up's) covered...

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We've all had to reconsider our methods of operation in this new post-pandemic phase of life. Today, it is expected of all organizations to be adaptable and economical. Sage created the Sage Partner Cloud for this reason - so you can continue to use your Sage 100 and do business as usual while adjusting to the new standard. 

Modern Technology. Old Fashioned Service.

Sage Partner Cloud

When your Azure Virtual Machine is provisioned, there is an automated backup policy assigned that creates full backups. The backup type is "Cloud-GRS" and is geo-redundant, meaning if the main Azure data center goes down, there are backups retained in other geographic locations.

  • DAILY Backup's retained for 7 days.
  • WEEKLY Backup's retained for 5 weeks.
  • MONTHLY retained for 3 months.
  • YEARLY retained for 1 year. 

How to test your network speed & connectivity to the Azure Data Center:

Visit https://cloudpingtest.com/azure. The default Azure Region Name for Sage Partner Cloud is West US 2 and anything under 300 MS is great!