There are many variables that can occur when making customized products including materials not being available, delays in shipments, resource challenges around labor or machine time due to other projects that can cause delays in delivering your product to a customer. 

You can’t effectively run your business processes in silo’s and be competitive in the market when the ability to be efficient and manage variability in the manufacturing process is critical. You can’t build your product if you don’t have the right materials in stock. If you don’t have easy access or an understanding of your costs across the job life cycle, you could very easily loose money on that job. 

Being able to see in real time where the issues are so that you can rework your job and effectively communicate with your customer on the status of their job, is what makes you competitive and provides you with the ability to provide excellent customer service.

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At Matrix, we are committed to delivering modern business technology in a prompt, friendly manner. The personal relationships we strive to build and maintain with our clients are as valuable to our success as providing the right solution at the right time. Interested in hearing more about Sage 100 Manufacturing and it's robust features? Give us a call at (330) 777-0650 or send an email to to get started. As an added bonus, if mention this snippet between now and December 31st, 2018, we'll send you a Starbucks gift card - just for calling!

Sage 100c Manufacturing is fully integrated with the Sage 100c business management solution. Together they provide one solution that connects your financial and operational data to the processes from quote to delivery of customized products. You can use Sage 100c for job management which includes tracking labor, purchasing materials, estimating and scheduling jobs, and supporting customer service needs.

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Sage 100c Manufacturing supports small & medium sized manufacturers that make complex or highly customized products i.e., Make to order, engineer to order, and/or “make to stock” items. With Sage 100c Manufacturing, businesses can streamline workflow, so that all job information is available from a single source—and then quickly convert an approved quote to an actual production job.

Easily adapt production to real-world changes around the availability and variability of materials, untimely shipments, and labor that can occur with a job. Get insights into cost areas like time, labor, machines and materials so you can estimate projects more accurately. Analyze your supply and demand for jobs, so you can purchase the right products and materials at the right time.

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