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What 2nd Time Buyers learned from their 1st Business Software Purchase

As part of a study conducted by Deloitte & Touche, businesses who were looking for an accounting software system were asked to name the top ten criteria they used for their selection. For comparison purposes, those who were buying their first accounting system were tracked independently from businesses buying their second. Participants in the study were asked to rank the criteria they used during their search by order of importance. The results show the criteria between first time and second time purchases nearly flip-flopped. But why? The results are summarized below:

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Judging from the results, one would stand to believe the experience gained by first time buyers provides a better understanding of which criteria is most important their second time around.

Other notable takeaways include:

- The quality of service and support from the consultant you are working with is a crucial factor, perhaps even more so than the price of the software itself.

- A software developer with a clean track record is a higher priority for firms their second time around.  

- A lower price doesn't necessarily translate into a better deal, you'll get what you pay for.   

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