Sage HRMS is the most complete human resource management solution for small and medium businesses, enabling you to maximize every dollar you invest in your employees. By centralizing all the current and historic information about active and nonactive employees of the organization, Sage HRMS eliminates ambiguity. It gives you unmatched views of your workforce—at macro and micro levels—enabling you to securely share the data with executives and managers. The benefit? Precise, rich analytics that embolden your company leaders to make decisions based on fact rather than gut instinct.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to look for the things that may cause you problems and address them before they even become an issue? Sage Alerts and Workflow monitors any of the Sage ERP systems, Sage HRMS and Sage CRM for any conditions that may be impacting your business. From manufacturing to field services, doctors offices to schools, if it's important to you Sage Alerts and Workflow will help you find the HR, Financial and Sales Data you need to know.

JobOps, a graphical-based job operations and production system, is designed for organizations that need to track real-time labor, materials, purchases and other costs, while monitoring the status of each job throughout the production process. Industries served by JobOps include custom manufacturing, small business manufacturing, on-site installation and construction, depot and field service repairs, contractors, project management and anyone who needs to track the costs of labor, materials, and outside services while scheduling resources to meet required completion dates. Functionality of JobOps includes: Job Shop Quoting, Estimating and Configuring Orders, Purchasing to the Job, Scheduling, Preventative Maintenance Scheduling, Requirements Planning, MRP, MRP II, Job Tracking and Costing, Field Service and Dispatch.

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Sage 100 and 100cloud are industry-leading business management software solutions for small and midsized companies. Recommended by more CPAs than any other application in its class, it offers a broad selection of feature-rich modules that empower customers with the ability to manage accounting, distribution, and manufacturing to help grow their businesses more effectively. The more powerful Sage 100 Advanced ERP is a client-server application that incorporates thin-client technology, resulting in more efficiently distributed processing, high performance, enhanced data integrity and reliability, remote access support, and scalability. Sage 100 Premium is also available on the SQL Server database management platform.

Every business has the opportunity to transform itself into a customer-centric company and plan for its future based on measurable experiences rather than hunches. Your business can benefit from an integrated Sage CRM and ERP solution by using a single source for all business contacts, increasing visibility into your customers, improving data integrity and ERP confidentiality, streamlining customer activities and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Sage Fixed Assets solutions help eliminate redundant data entry, increase accuracy, and reduce costs while guarding against regulatory noncompliance. By combining over 300,000 IRS tax and GAAP rules as well as more than 50 depreciation methods and an intuitive interface, Sage Fixed Assets delivers the most complete fixed asset management solution available, with comprehensive depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, asset inventory tracking and reconciliation, construction-in-progress management, and customized reporting, so companies can effectively manage every step of the fixed asset lifecycle—from acquisition to disposal.

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