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JobOps is engineered for companies that make, install and service their products. It combines the features of job costing, bill of materials and manufacturing systems into one powerful, cohesive module enabling companies to effectively manage resources and regulate expenses.

JobOps was created by Synergistic Software Solutions to integrate with Sage 100 accounting software. Using the same development toolset as the rest of the Sage 100 product line, JobOps delivers a seamless solution including financial, distribution, and manufacturing/installation/service capabilities in one flexible, integrated system.

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The accurate and timely collection of costs associated with your jobs is of vital importance. The ability to analyze all aspects of those cost components, such as labor, materials, and purchases, enables you to make the strategic decisions that can make a marginal job profitable, and a profitable job more so. JobOps is a highly flexible, extremely powerful operations and production system able to track most aspects of your job in a real time environment, from estimate to invoice, giving you the tools to succeed.

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With features such as the ability to track real-time labor, materials, purchases and other costs all while monitoring the status of each job throughout the production process, JobOps is more than just a manufacturing or job cost solution. It is a project management and control tool, engineered to accommodate a wide variety of business models.

JobOps tracks the steps and activities in the production process such as production start dates and due dates, staff assignments, and material requirements, offering you real time data focusing on profit and project status. JobOps tracks inventory items, special order parts, labor, subcontract work and direct charges assigned to Work Tickets.

It can help manage and control purchasing, shop floor data collection, parts issues, partial billings, and profit analysis. The JobOps Time Tracker module can help you assess productivity on an ongoing basis by dynamically tracking actual labor hours and dollars against budgets. The JobOps Scheduling module helps ensure on-time delivery of jobs with a comprehensive set of features.

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JobOps provides an all-inclusive software solution designed for businesses that are engaged in custom manufacturing, installation, and service. Review the features. Request a demonstration. JobOps power and flexibility will become apparent.