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Professional Services

Technical Support

As you transition to new business management software, there are bound to be integration and data conversion challenges to solve you don't want to lose the data investment you have in your old system. You may also need specialized reports to enable you to share your corporate data with stakeholders. We have a great deal of experience with industry-standard tools and a few tricks of our own that we can use to maximize your software investment by bringing your data together in strategic ways.

Proper implementation turns a software package into a solution. By combining our deep product expertise with real-world experience and training, we're able to configure an efficient, effective tool that will begin paying dividends from the first day you use it.

Report Writing, System Integration and Data Conversion

Sage 100/100c Training

Authorized Reseller - Sage 100/100c & JobOps - Business Software Sales, Service and Support Provider in Akron, OH 


Serving Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Tennessee

with Sage 100, Sage 100c Subscription, Sage CRM and JobOps Job Management Software

We believe that proper training delivers tremendous returns in the form of increased productivity and lower overall support costs. Matrix Integrated Solutions offers on site training from our Sage Trainers who tailor each training session to address the unique needs of your group. In addition to being skilled educators, our training staff works in the field, amassing real-world experience allowing them to target the curriculum to the challenges businesses face each day.

Project Planning and Management

While no two projects are alike, each can benefit from proper planning and skilled management. At Matrix Integrated Solutions, we rely on a proven methodology that we tailor and adapt to our clients unique set of circumstances. Through cooperation, communication, experience, and expertise we deliver results in the form of successful projects that come in on time and on budget.

When you have questions or trouble with your software, the last thing you want to do is recap your whole company's operations to a nameless voice in a call center. With Matrix, you won't have to. It's our business model to put you in direct contact with the individual in our organization who has worked with you before and has direct knowledge of your situation. You'll find you have an ally within our organization, someone who works as hard for your success as you do.

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