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Matrix Integrated Solutions is team of seasoned ERP Software consultants that empowers clients with modern accounting technology to better manage the financial future of their small to mid-sized businesses. Backed by an attentive, old fashioned customer service philosophy, we provide thorough and complete integrated accounting software solutions that give our clients a serious competitive advantage over outdated legacy systems. 

​Through years of experience we understand just how to help your small or mid-sized manufacturing or distribution organization maximize the return on your accounting technology investment. Want to learn more about "The Cloud" but don't have an expert? Call us. Looking for better support for your current Sage 100, Sage 100cloud or Acumatica ERP solution? Let's talk. Call 330-777-0650, visit www.matrixintegrated.com or click on the contact button below to get in touch!     

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Sage 100cloud goes beyond accounting by helping manage discrete manufacturing, wholesale distribution, professional service processes and more. Sage 100cloud is designed with security and compliance in mind. It's deep customizability ensures that it will satisfy a company's demands both now and in the future. Because it's cloud-connected, users can keep control of their system while still taking advantage of the cloud's basic features. 

True-cloud business business software built for the web, Acumatica delivers adaptable Cloud & Mobile technology with a unique unlimited user licensing model allowing a complete, real-time view of the business anywhere, any time from any web browser. Acumatica is the complete cloud ERP solution for all your needs today and in the future.  

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